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 Hiking near Stanton, CA.

By Alex Dormer, Posted on 05 Jan, 2024 at 06:00 pm

 Hiking near Stanton, CA.

If you’ve got hiking on your list of activities in Stanton, then you should start looking for the best trails. Don’t know where to search? We’ve got you covered. Hiking in Stanton Ca hike is one of the greatest experiences you will encounter on your trip in the magnificent, vibrant city of Stanton, as there are multiple hiking trails nearby. In this article, we cover trails near Stanton that are surrounded with natures charming allure. You will see lush greenery covering the trails, the grand sun dipping in the horizon, casting a warm golden glow, and most of all, the beauty of the carefully crafted trails.


Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail

The Aliso Creek riding and hiking trail goes through the centre of Mission Viejo from the southern side Laguna all the way to Rancho Santa Margarita. The trail surrounding has many parks in the Orange County. These parks feature resting areas and many kiosks that provide plenty of information. From these kiosks, you can learn of the area’s history and enjoy your time even more. This Stanton, CA hike runs all the way up hill an allows a fun right downhill on this trail near Stanton you can view cattle strolling and ducks waddling around in the gushing waters that follow the trail. The trail is also lined with bushes of flowers that give you a refreshing feeling.


Alton Avenue Bike Trail

One of the most beautiful California trails is the Alton Avenue Bike Trail. This 1.8-mile-long Stanton CA trail stretches all the way to multiple endpoints such as S. Susan St, W. Alton Ave, S. Orange Ave, and E. Adams St. The trail goes right adjacent to both Alton Avenue and a functioning railroad line crossing Santa Ana. The trail lath is used as a recreational and gathering area by the residents, including students at Segerstrom High School and Jim Thorpe Fundamental School. If you want to swerve towards the Pacific Electric Bike Trail, then reach the eastern terminus of the trail right across the E.  Adam St and enjoy!


Santa Ana River Trail

Santa Ana River Trail is a must visit Stanton Ca Trail, located close to the city. This magnificent trail is divided into two parts. One that runs through San Bernardino and River side counties, a 20 miles distance, and the other that spreads over 30 miles from Corona all the way to Orange County and to the Pacific Ocean. This trail is lined with natural allure, an enchanting series of greenery, casting you under its spell. You can view multiple mountains, barren dry lands, and cool gushing waters. Little streaks of waters also cascade down the mountains almost like tears streaks of the mountain itself. The trail crossness across highway crossings, for instance, the Freeway Interchange in San Bernardino. As you cross this blissfully peaceful highway, you will come across rural landscapes with bald patches of land and small shrubs of greenery. Go downhill to enter the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area, an expansive 1500-acre land. A nature centre is also located here and the picturesque vistas of the Wide River Channel too.


Oceanfront Boardwalk

Oceanfront Boardwalk is only 2.9 miles long but serves as an excellent hiking getaway. The trail begins in the West Newport Beach at the end point of 36th street. It goes through the Balboa Peninsula, almost covering an area of three miles. On the way you can find multiple fun restaurants, dory fishermen, many beachfront housing and spectacular views of the mighty blue ocean. Visit the Newport pier that overlooks the magnificent and tidy beach. View two sides of luxury of this trail. One side that has a vast sandy beautiful beach and the other that has series of exquisite, lavish ocean view residences. Just at the end of Newport pier, you might want to stop at the Balboa Bar.

Conclusively, hiking the California trails is quite a job especially if you’ve never done it before. However amateur or professional anyone can enjoy the vistas of these trails! So, what is the wait for? Get on your journey and have a trip filled with everlasting adventures.

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